Help Around The Farm

November 16th, 2016 by


According to a report by OSU and the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service, there are 78,000 farms in Oklahoma; 4th overall out of all 50 states. [1] In the sooner state, there are over 34,200,000 acres dedicated to farming. That’s a lot of farm land to cover! For our Oklahoma farmers, that’s a lot of acreage to drag, pull, and haul farming equipment over.

We think most farmers would agree, not a whole lot of anything we get done around the farm without a good, sturdy, reliable pickup truck. In many ways, a farm owes its success to the ol’ farm truck.

Oklahoma farmers need a truck that is tough; a truck that can handle the tempestuous, external conditions they are put through. Extreme heat, freezing cold, dust, mud, high humidity, and flooded roads, are just a few things our farmers endure thanks to Oklahoma’s inclement weather.

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