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Impactful Engagement

We build relationships with our customers by actively engaging in our community to make an impact.

Operational Integrity

We lead with our word, and perform with excellence.

Collective Accountability

We build stronger bonds by holding ourselves accountable, and take full ownership of our actions.

Constant Growth

We always search for ways to improve and become better people.

Inspirational Interactions

We leave every interaction inspired, knowing we left people better than when they found us.


It’s December 31st, 2025, and as usual, the holiday season packed our service department with winter requests. Most of our customers you know. You recognize their faces. They’ve come to Ferguson for years because they know this team has their best interests at heart, a team that’ll go above and beyond to help make their lives just a little easier. That’s the standard of excellence you’ve created. It’s why people come here. It’s why we now have five rooftops, and why we surpassed the goal set three years ago. We did $535M in sales this year alone. That’s all thanks to our ability as a team to build something bigger than ourselves, for our own families, and for the people in our community.


When you walk into our facility, you can feel that we’re not just here to sell cars—we’re building something bigger. We operate in an industry that’s not always seen as honest. Not us. Our customer relationships are built on trust and transparency, and that’s because we trust each other. Every department is committed to the same high level of accountability. We function in a fast-paced environment. So while we may speak directly and get to the point when the lot is hectic, we do it with respect. Day-to-day communication between departments is constant. Leadership included, which means they make sure no one is in the dark about where we stand on numbers and results. There’s high pressure to hit those numbers, but just remember: we’re all on the same team. We keep each other motivated through positive encouragement and always make time to stay lighthearted and joke around. Like the time we filled Stewart Brown’s office with balloons after a record-breaking month years ago! “When there’s a better way, it has to be done.” Our team doesn’t run away from problems, but runs at them. We’re first class, but we understand that mistakes happen.
If we encounter an obstacle, we don’t point fingers or keep secrets. We own the fix and build a more efficient solution. We know things move fast around here, but we slow down and make time to celebrate big wins and recognize our teammates. We want everyone to feel valued, especially when they make a huge impact. We start each meeting by recognizing jobs well done, like hitting our sales numbers, service getting another glowing review online, or just to recognize a coworker who went out of their way. For example, when Keegan Sanders organized his annual cornhole tournament, bringing the team and community together to raise thousands for a local nonprofit. A few years ago, after crushing our sales goals, a few of us hopped on the roof to celebrate and watch the sunset. That’s commonplace now. Large wins are celebrated together as a company (although we don’t use the roof anymore). For career-minded individuals: There’s lots of opportunities here. And we need you. Those who join us tend to stay for a while, and that has a lot to do with the people who make up our incredible team.


In 1974, Tommy Ferguson opened his first dealership with the mindset to grow his company while better serving the community. These beliefs are displayed across our entire team: All of us adopt a cause. You cannot be a part of our team if you’re unwilling to do so. If that sounds harsh, remember that there’s no better feeling than watching someone walk off the lot with a huge smile on their face, or knowing you’ve raised funds for a worthy cause, or seeing returning families bring the next generation to buy their first car from the community partner they trust! That’s community—that’s who we are.

Our General Manager communicates the vision and direction throughout the company, ensuring managers and coaches not only believe in it, but are empowering staff to drive us forward collectively. Our Operations Manager executes on the day-to-day, maintains accountability along the road, develops the team, and keeps them inspired. Our Controller ensures we’re fiscally fit by producing regular—and accurate—financial statements to help ensure our growth and profitability. Our General Sales Manager leads a confident and productive sales team, and spends time focusing on growth strategy. Our Career Coach fuels that growth, facilitating continuous training for anyone on the team looking to advance their career path. They represent us at recruiting events and manage our Road-To-Hire process: They filter out people who don’t align with our values, and guide any career-minded candidates through the steps needed to onboard them the right way so that they make an impact from day one.


Our Ferguson Superstore is the #1 source for new and preowned vehicles in the Tulsa area, and we became a Best Price Upfront store in 2017. We don’t play games or have gimmicks. Every customer gets the same fair price because our approach removes stressful negotiations from the car-buying experience. Our Sales & Leasing makes it easy to do business with us. They’re efficient, and completely focused on our customers. If they prefer to shop from home, our team has the technology and processes to provide a seamless customer-focused experience. On location? We watch them drive off after they thank us for a painless process and for valuing their time. And our Finance and Insurance Department follows suit. They take time to help people with straightforward answers about options, making sure they have peace of mind when they drive off the lot.

The Service Department takes the same approach: Everything is in service to the customer. We know how it can be throughout the day, but the team’s efficient systems run like a well-oiled machine, which reduces stress and puts our customers at ease because our service is honest, transparent, and believe it or not, it’s something they want to do. Parts & Accessories offers simple ways for customers to purchase from us either online or in-store. We are the largest wholesale parts distributor in the region and the main point of contact for parts, making a whole lot of our car owners’ lives a whole lot more simple.


Our ideal customers are people we can build relationships with, people who see the value we provide at the superstore, as well as the way members of our team are involved within the community. Advertising, online educational content, SEO, and network building still play an important role in revenue. But seeing our team members involved with local festivals, youth programs, economic development committees, or veteran’s affairs centers creates trust and visibility. Some team members throw charity events to gather people for a cause. Others start neighborhood associations with other city residents. Our marketing isn’t about what we sell, it’s about who we are, and when someone has an automotive need, Ferguson is top of mind.


We were named one of the top dealerships to work for in the country, and the Best of the Best in Tulsa magazine, as one of the fastest-growing companies in all of Oklahoma. We became members of KIA’s President’s Club, and won Dealer of the Year for BUICK, GMC, and Subaru awarded us the Love Promise Customer Commitment Award. The local media has amplified our brand with simple coverage of our philanthropic efforts, and our online reviews continue to say we’ve made selling, buying, or servicing a car simple, without the normal friction. Every satisfied customer is an accomplishment worthy of an award.


Thanks to our blood, sweat, tears, and dedication, we’ve surpassed our financial forecasts for 2025 by $35M, generating $535M in total sales, with a 30% annual growth rate. In one year, we sold 10K units, even doing 1K units in a single month!


Ferguson continues to support Hope Is Alive in building recovery homes for those suffering from alcoholism and addiction. And our Underdogs news segment helps to rescue abandoned and injured animals. Since all our team members are involved in their own community causes, we support them through direct contributions, and allow paid time off to volunteer. When it comes to making an impact, Ferguson has your back.

“My job is to build better people. If I do that, then they become better team members, and better spouses, parents, and members of the community.”


We love this quote for two reasons: One, it was said by our very own C.J. Jacobs, who worked at Ferguson for six years, and two, it’s why we’re here today. We created an environment where each of our talents can shine, where the work we do is a signature of who we are now and who we want to become. And by focusing on improving the lives of the people who walk through our doors, we become better humans in the process.

You should be proud of what we accomplished. It hasn’t come without sacrifice. We’ve been right alongside you, steering the ship together—a ship that at times felt like it might fall apart. But we made it. Not only did we sail past the goals we set out to achieve, thanks to you, but our coworkers have also bought homes and put kids through college. Because of what we built, the way car dealerships are viewed has shifted.

People trust us. Because they believe in us. They’ve seen us around town, at donation drives and fundraisers. We’re not just car or insurance salesmen; we’re active citizens committed to the well-being of the families we serve. We’re not just dispatchers, technicians, or automotive parts experts either. It’s damn near evident in everything we do that we’re not just a car dealer. We’re a part of this city’s backbone and an example of humble leadership, here to help build a better community, by building better humans, for our friends, neighbors, and loved ones, and for the people of the Tulsa area.

Zach Walker

Taylor Ferguson


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